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Real Estate Photography • Drone Imagery • Virtual Home Tours

Cape Cod Local Business
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SHURIKEN Productions is a boutique real estate media studio serving Cape Cod and beyond. We are FAA licensed UAV pilots and offer legal drone photography and aerial video packages as well as individual 360° room panoramas, 3D Virtual Home Tour services and print marketing tools.

We review the weather charts, get necessary flight clearances, capture stunning footage, edit the video, master the sound and add a little magic to produce a short, entertaining video that will professionally spotlight your real estate property listing.

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Silver Package:
HD Interiors OR Drone Video OR Virtual 3D Home Tour
Gold Package:
HD Interiors, Virtual Tour + Drone Video MLS Package
Platinum Package:
HD Interiors, Drone, Virtual Tour + Agent Featurette


HD Interior Photography:
Traditional high end, wide angle, expertly lighted
Virtual 3D Rooms:
Panoramic 360° Room Imagery and Virtual Home Tours
Drone Pilot:
FAA Licensed, Legal Aerial HD Imagery and Surveying
Drone Photography & Aerial Videography

We are professional, Federally licensed drone pilots with decades of video production and real estate photography experience. But taking great aerials also requires a strong knowledge of avionics, weather patterns, local zoning, air traffic and often an ability to get flight clearances.

Our advanced drones and gimbal mounted survey cameras capture the perfect HD shot and our expert video editing enhancements can make a real visual difference.

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Virtual 360° Rooms and 3D House Tours

Our HD 1080p virtual room real estate services provide an immersive and interactive 3D viewing experience. Great when you need a remote walkthrough that can be easily posted on social media, uploaded to Zillow, a featured realtor or non-branded MLS page.

A proven way for agents to safely show their apartments, condos, townhomes and rental properties while minimizing health risks.

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HD Interior Photography & Room Panoramics

Our professional, high definition Interior Photography or immersive room panoramic images can put a unique spotlight on your listing. As Certified Zillow Photographers with years of real estate marketing experience, you can trust our team to create a home tour that will drive engagement.

Classically trained, we know how to perfectly light and photograph a room. Our expert level retouching can improve the warmth and appeal of all your interiors.

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Silver: HD Interior, Drone Video OR Virtual 3D Room Tour
Gold: HD Interior, Drone Video AND Virtual 3D Room Tour
Platinum: HD Interior, Drone Video, Virtual Tour & Agent Featurette


Virtual Room: 360° Virtual Room & 3D Home Tours
Drone Imagery: Licensed Drone Pilot Photographer
HD Interiors: Professional Room Photography and Retouching

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